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  • Leverage partnerships with city, state, government officials and area DMO/VCBs to reinforce safe travel to South Lake Tahoe
  • Communicate accurate information to media regarding road/weather conditions and how to utilize accurate, up-to-date resources for credible information


  • Regularly scheduled conversations with Caltrans and NDOT PIOs and CHP representatives to reinforce safe travel messaging. Provide them with our key messages
  • LTVA to distribute weekly media updates/alerts to local/regional outlets (TV, radio, print, online, social) re: current road conditions, and where to obtain more information
  • Releases distributed to local partners and posted on Tahoe South and LTVA.org
  • Update weekly key messages/talking points and send to partners; update on LTVA.org
  • Social media monitoring and assist with content/suggested responses; leverage video to indicate positive road conditions when applicable
  • Include messaging within Tahoe South’s monthly eblasts to consumer database
  • Ongoing conversations with partners/key stakeholders

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