Tahoe South has licensed images and video available for non-commercial use by media, tour operators, travel agents, meeting professionals, and convention promoters. These assets are available for download online by registering at Barberstock.com.

Getting Started:


Terms & Conditions

  • The terms & conditions will pop up on first use only and will be accessible in the ACCOUNT>Terms & Conditions section of the platform at all times.

Viewing Assets

  • Scroll over the image or video to preview it.
  • It will also display the title and description of the asset and photo credits/use info.

Downloading Assets

  • Select file type and size of asset and it will automatically be added to your Download Queue.
  • You can change the file type once it’s in the Download Queue.
  • Once it’s in the Download Queue you can download the asset to your computer, remove it from the Queue or add it to a Collection.

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