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How to obtain images:

Visit Lake Tahoe has licensed images and video available for non-commercial use by media, tour operators, travel agents, meeting professionals, and convention promoters. These assets are available for download online by registering at

Getting Started:

  • Request access and create your login at .
  • You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours (Monday – Friday) once your login is approved.

Viewing Assets

  • Scroll over the image or video to preview it.
  • It will also display the title and description of the asset and photo credits/use info.

Downloading Assets

  • Select file type and size of asset and it will automatically be added to your Download Queue.
  • You can change the file type once it’s in the Download Queue.
  • Once it’s in the Download Queue you can download the asset to your computer, remove it from the Queue or add it to a Collection.

Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Images downloaded from the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority (“Visit Lake Tahoe”) are intended for one-time use to promote Lake Tahoe as a destination for tourism and film production. Images may not be copied, distributed or used for any purpose other than what you have indicated when requesting the images. Any other use (i.e. advertising, etc.) requires written authorization from the photographer(s) and Visit Lake Tahoe. Failure to comply with photo usage policies may result in fees and/or punitive damages as assessed by the photographer(s).
  • The images in this library are available for non-commercial use by media, tour operators, travel agents and meeting and event planners to promote travel to Lake Tahoe.

Appropriate uses include:

  • Illustrations for travel articles about Lake Tahoe in newspapers, magazines, web sites or travel guidebooks.
  • Illustrations in publications promoting attendance at a meeting or convention taking place in Lake Tahoe.
  • Brochures published by tour operators and travel agents selling travel to Lake Tahoe.
  • Brochures published by Visit Lake Tahoe partner businesses.

Appropriate uses do not include:

  • Use in any paid advertising by anyone other than Visit Lake Tahoe.
  • Production of items for retail sale such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, calendars, posters, mousepads, etc.
  • Promotion of business investments, real estate or relocation services, educational institutions, etc.
  • Illustrations in textbooks or “coffee table” books.
  • Assets remain property of Visit Lake Tahoe and the originating artist. Visit Lake Tahoe reserves the right to refuse permission to use these images for any reason.
  • Photos must be credited as follows: “Visit Lake Tahoe photo by (insert name of photographer)” or “Visit Lake Tahoe photo.”