Here’s the next great thing from  How about some free advertising for South Tahoe?!

It’s been amazing to watch grow over the past year and a half!  The first-ever destination rating and review platform is now pulling in over 20,000 visitors monthly – and will easily hit over 250,000 visitors for all of 2019!

Our mission is to help people choose their next destination, while giving every destination – large and small – a chance to tell their story.  So, we work with destinations and support them without any cost.

We started with the free destination partnership – really great digital PR for all of you that’s quick and easy to upload (if you haven’t participated you should).  Well, now it’s time for us to launch our advertising placements, and I wanted those to stay true to that core philosophy:  No cost to destinations!

That’s where our fantastic new advertising package comes in:  No cash cost to it – only giveaways.  You give away a package that’s at least part of a visit to your destination (it could include room nights, attractions, tours, dining, entertainment, etc.), and – in return – we give your organization, and all of the businesses in your giveaway each their own, targeted, text-link ads for an entire year on the site.  These text links get an average of 10% CTR industry-wide!  Think of it as a barter co-op or partnership program.

We’ll put the items out for bid as a package trip to South Tahoe (transportation to and from is not required), and we are giving 20% to a travel-focused or travel-related non-profit each month.  For example, July’s support is going to the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s scholarship fund (

It’s really just that simple! More details are in the information, here.

I’m happy to set up a call and answer any questions.  I’m hopeful that South Tahoe will participate, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

Many thanks,

Jim B.


Jim Brody

President and CDN (Chief DMO Nerd), Sense of Place


Phone:  +1 401 203 8424


Twitter:  @jbsenseofplace

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