Important Weather, Road & Safety Information

Recommended Communications to Hotel Guests During Snowstorm Days

A full list of tips/preparation: During snowfall, a fleet of city and state snow removal vehicles work around the Lake Tahoe Basin to keep roads clear and safe for travel. Plans should remain flexible and please consider the weather, driver experience, and other info to avoid being caught on the roads for extended periods of time in dangerous conditions.   

Sunday Departure Tips Winter DrivintgSouth Lake Tahoe

Winter Driving Tips Sunday departures South Lake Tahoe

Sunday Departure Tips

  • Monitor Caltrans and Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) website and social media accounts on closures, re-openings, chain controls, etc. @CaltransDist3 @nevadadot
  • Utilize Caltrans District 3 cameras:; and NDOT cameras:
  • Dial 511 for road conditions
  • Weather information visit National Weather Service
  • Heavy traffic times are typically from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. If severe weather conditions are present, consider staying an extra night, if not:
    • Ski, dine and then depart later evening
    • Consider Ski Kirkwood in the a.m. for a head start back home
  • Stay off side roads as they are not prioritized for snow removal during storm events and cannot handle the high volume of traffic
  • When traction control (i.e. chain/snow tire restrictions) is in place that’s what it means. Driving without approved traction control is not only illegal but dangerous


Prepare for your drive in a snowstorm

  • Know how to install chains; chain installers are not always available
  • When installing chains, pull over and only do so in a safe/designated area
  • Depart with a full tank of gas
  • Charge phones, carry water, bring snacks
  • Bring blankets or warm clothes as turning-off your vehicle for long waits is more efficient and better for the environment
  • Consider bathroom breaks along the way…some people even bring portable urinals
  • If traveling with kids, have electronics/car games to keep entertained
  • Suggest downloading movies in advance as complete standstill may be likely
  • Remote areas and small towns along with influx of users may have limited to no cell service
  • Allow safe traveling distance between vehicles. More space is needed to slow and stop in snow.
  • Full list of tips/preparation: