As fall/winter is fast approaching we want to ensure we have the most up-to-date newsworthy information on your establishment.

Please let us know what is new/noteworthy in the following format by NOON Monday, Aug. 9 so we can include in timely media leads, pitches to targeted outlets, press releases tailored media visits, etc.

We realize some may not apply, but as new offerings unfold throughout the season please keep us apprised as media opportunities will arise.

  • What is new this coming fall/winter season? (2-4 sentences or bullet points on what’s new or new experiences for guests)
  • Any renovation/upgrades s in the works or planned for the near future, description and the $$ value?
  • As LTVA, we are reinforcing sustainable, mid-week, longer-stays during off-peak travel – do you have any amenities/offerings that align with those initiatives?
  • Emerging/dealing with ongoing COVID pandemic – and new trends/requests you’re noticing with guests?
  • Any new food & beverage trends?
  • With hosting highly vetted, media on assignment for the destination is there a certain media profile/demographic that resonates with your customers and you’d want to highlight? Are you able/interested in hosting qualified media for a comped midweek visit? If you’re unable to comp, would you be willing to provide a media rate?
  • URL for more info, preferred social media handles/channels, any designated hashtags?
  • Do you have new images to complement? If so please provide images, photo credit, and any usage restrictions? If there are no restrictions, would we have permission to upload to LTVA’s image gallery via Barberstock (photo credit will be provided and used for editorial purposes)?

Please respond directly to Jenn Boyd, account executive on behalf of the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority:

Thank you.

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