• TechRound has collected industry expert predictions on what 2021 could look like for the travel industry.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has affected a number of different industries, with travel, in particular, being affected.

2020 was the year for unpredictability, and it has been hard to imagine what holidays will look like in this coming year, in 2021. However, as the roll-out for the vaccine is in high flow, we hope to see more people traveling in the coming year as the borders reopen, and countries come out of lockdown.

Although we hope this is the case, we predict that travel will look different. There will be new trends and the industry will be reshaped and we asked 27 experts to share exactly how.

As we enter 2021 still amidst stay-at-home orders and lockdown restrictions, what our experts’ predictions on what the new year will bring? More