Visit Lake Tahoe has three separate opportunities for PR outreach efforts this summer/fall all with a deadline of Tuesday, May 9 at 5 p.m. for possible inclusion in various efforts ranging from press releases to tailored media pitches to major outlets.

Please send information directly to Anne Sutterfield, as well as our PR Account Executive, Jenn Boyd Lemming,


Lake Tahoe’s clarity is its own Superbloom. Lake Tahoe’s blue waters are even bluer this spring thanks to a microscopic animal that has had a comeback. Zooplankton, call them nature’s cleanup crew, have improved the lake’s clarity to a depth that hasn’t been seen since the 1980s, according to University of California Davis’ Tahoe Environmental Research Center. How deep? Nearly 72 feet!

In order to pitch media outlets on this story angle and ways to recreation on the water, we recommend creating a unique package that ties into lake clarity, water recreation, or a name that stands out this way we can also reinforce overnight stays in articles.


If you haven’t already provided information to Anne Sutterfield with the LTVA team for events from mid-May through Labor Day please do so. We will be utilizing to craft our Summer Events Press Release that will be distributed prior Memorial Day. If you don’t have all the event details finalized please send at least name, general premise and date of the event and we can mention in the press release and encourage folks to visit our Events page for more information.


  1. Submissions should be timely (now through fall 2023)
  2. Acceptable submissions include openings of new attractions, hotels, and restaurants, large-scale renovations of attractions or hotels, and any other similar tourism-related news
  3. Avoid submitting: advertising specials, deals or packages, general updates, or content unrelated to travel and tourism

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