What to do if you find Firework debris on a South Lake Tahoe Beach/Shoreline:  Call (775) 410-0417and/or email: TeamFireworks@LTVA.org we need your name, contact information, and the location/access point of debris. Someone will respond to you within 24 hours.

Fireworks Beach Clean Up
We all enjoy the traditional Tahoe South July 4 fireworks show which receives national accolades for the spectacular display!  However, with so many people having fun, it’s important we follow up with beach clean-up days.  We appreciate your support in reducing the impact of holiday beach use after these events!

Have just a few hours? A scheduled clean-up day is perfect for you! Whether you are a local or only visiting for a short while, this is a limited time commitment with maximum rewards. Join our community during high beach-impact times (like the week after July 4th and after Labor Day), when we will be out on our local beaches, cleaning up after the party!

Fireworks scheduled cleanup days:

Dates:     July 5 through July 9
Times:     8am-10pm
Beaches:  4H Beach, Tahoe Shores, Nevada Beach, Round Hill Pines.

Sign up online

Map of Beaches
Fireworks Beach Clean Up

Clean-up Kit Pick-up Sites are easy to find

California: 3066 Lake Tahoe Blvd., South Lake Tahoe (across from Rojos and the Tahoe Tribune)
Nevada:  169 Highway 50, Stateline (across from Lakeside Inn & Casino)

Kits are easy to manage

5-gallon plastic pick-up bucket
Pick-up stick
Trash bags
Data card on a clipboard (download PDF »)

Commercial Fireworks Debris

  • Shells are large, generally 3”-8”
  • Most debris should burn-up or go to the bottom where it is picked up by divers
  • Some debris may wash up on a beach. It appears a brown “husk like” paper that is the shell casing. The paper is biodegradable.
  • Commercial “dud” shells are rare to find. If a person finds a commercial “dud” shell they should call 911. DO NOT TOUCH!
An example of Commerical Firework Debris


Consumer Fireworks Debris

Consumer fireworks are much smaller in circumference/shell size and illegal at Lake Tahoe.

An example of Consumer Firework DebrisAn example of Consumer Firework Debris An example of Commerical Firework Debris


Get Involved

Debris on Lake Tahoe’s beaches affects everyone’s enjoyment of this beautiful natural treasure. Debris on the beaches and streets can easily find its way to the lake and adversely impact lake clarity, water quality, and native plants and wildlife. Public participation in beach cleanups is part of basin-wide environmental stewardship initiatives.

Beaches are assigned on a first-come, first –served basis. Call (530) 544-5050 x223 or email info@ltva.org to reserve your beach, dates, and clean up kits.

When you have cleaned your beach, quit for the day and pat yourself on the back for a job well done! If you find little or no debris on the beach, that’s great, but your job may not be over quite yet. Record even the little amount of debris that you have collected on your data card and submit it to your group coordinator. The information is important for Lake Tahoe beach cleanup statistics.

Remember, floatable trash is persistent and may wash ashore another day. You can always be a good beach steward by bringing a trash bag with you whenever you visit a beach. Educate family and friends about Adopt A Beach and ask them to volunteer!

Map of Adopt-a-Beach Tahoe Beaches

Adopt-A-Beach Map


Please Note: The TDVA/LTVA clean ups are in locations with commercial pickup and the trash found after being separated, logged and photographed goes in the commercial dumpsters on site. People who adopt a beach will also have commercial dumpsters.