LTVA Bulletin – October

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Welcome to the October edition of the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority’s South Shore Bulletin. Our aim is to highlight tourism trends, strategies, initiatives, and programs that increase visitor awareness, support our community and environment, and strengthen our economy.

Tahoe Blue Event Center is Open!

The Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority is delighted to spotlight the recent opening of the Tahoe Blue Event Center, an embodiment of our commitment to bolstering Lake Tahoe’s reputation as a premier event destination. In a remarkably short time, this state-of-the-art facility has already welcomed an array of notable events, ranging from the prestigious meetings of the National Association of State Park Directors and the Business Council of Douglas County to high-energy gatherings like Comic Con, WWE, and a performance by Pitbull. The Event Center’s calendar shows no signs of slowing down, with more conferences and concerts like DMA West, Billy Strings, and Adam Sandler all set to grace the building in the coming weeks. The LTVA is proud to have played an instrumental role in bringing this venue to fruition, and we are confident that the Tahoe Blue Event Center will continue to be a beacon for world-class events, further enriching our community’s cultural and economic landscape.

DMA West & Envision Tahoe Venture Summit

Elevating Lake Tahoe’s economic and community profile, the LTVA is a proud sponsor of two influential October events at the Tahoe Blue Event Center. The Envision Tahoe Venture Summit, happening on October 20, emphasizes “Tahoe Inc.,” a dynamic initiative accelerating our innovative ecosystem by leveraging insights from local entrepreneurs and fostering a dialogue for economic and environmental sustainability. Preceding this, on October 10, the LTVA will host the DMA West Education Summit and Vendor Showcase, converging industry experts in a transformative experience that navigates pivotal topics such as DEI, destination stewardship, and innovative community engagement while facilitating invaluable, hands-on Experiential Sessions. Both events underscore LTVA’s commitment to championing economic resilience, professional growth, and innovative collaboration within our vibrant Lake Tahoe community.

Business Council of Douglas County Lifetime Achievement Award

The LTVA is proudly celebrating as our respected CEO Carol Chaplin has been honored with the 2023 Business Council Lifetime Achievement Award from the Business Council of Douglas County. This award shines a light on steadfast commitment and strong leadership. The Business Council, known for supporting the local economy and community, works hard to make sure Douglas County continues to be a good place for businesses to grow while keeping its treasured rural charm. The honor given to our CEO is not just about individual success; it reflects the ongoing dedication of the entire LTVA team to create a thriving and sustainable economic future for our region. We’re also delighted to congratulate our board member representing Douglas County, Wesley Rice, who has been recognized with the same prestigious award, showcasing his dedicated work and impactful contributions to our vibrant community and beyond.

Did You Know?

  • “Surfaced,” a sculpture crafted from 450 pounds of Lake Tahoe litter by artists Joel Dean Stockdill and Yustina Salnikova, now graces the Tahoe Blue Event Center lawn, symbolizing steadfast environmental stewardship. Generously donated by the Tahoe Fund and supported by Tahoe Blue Vodka, a major donor to the Clean Up the Lake effort, the piece, featuring a bald eagle, Lahontan cutthroat trout, and Ponderosa pine tree, serves as a continuous reminder to preserve Lake Tahoe’s stunning natural beauty. The LTVA warmly embraces this meaningful emblem, reflecting our dedication to environmental conservation and community well-being.